Nic Korte’s Ten Jungle Days combines natural history, travel, autobiography, and discovery. The book weaves cogent descriptions of Costa Rica’s human and natural histories with journeys into the world “out there” and inside one’s self. Nic describes exotic species such as Tamanduas and Purple Caecilians. He recounts the nighttime terror of being awakened by a bloody bite from a Watson’s Climbing Rat, the excitement of watching an angry Geoffrey’s Spider Monkey fall ten meters through the forest canopy, and the delightful siren call of extraordinary birds. Through these experiences during one memorable period in a pristine rainforest, Korte examines the beauty and intricacy of nature and his personal quest to find a coherent philosophy of life. Overall this is a book of hope–hope for the human spirit and hope that more people can be inspired to love their own lives and to preserve what wild nature remains.

The book is available from Outskirts Press (outskirtspress.com) and Amazon (hard copy or kindle) or order through your favorite independent bookstore. Also available at Lithic Bookstore and Gallery, Fruita, Colorado and at Out West Books, Grand Junction, Colorado.

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